School Rules of Conduct


Teachers' Responsibilities | 教师

The school executive committee seeks experienced and kindhearted individuals to be volunteer teachers who shall fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Commit to teach the designated class for the whole school year (two semesters). If, for any personal reason, cannot complete the committed term, provide the school a two-week notice.
  • A teacher is normally assigned to a grade for 3 years. After 3 years, or, in certain special cases approved by the principal, a teacher can be assigned to a different grade.
  • At the beginning of each school year, submit the syllabus to the school for approval.
  • Prepare the subject well in advance.
  • Be in the classroom at least 5 minutes before the class.
  • Chinese should be used as the major language in teaching. English can only be used for necessary explanation. Starting from third grade, English should be avoided if possible.
  • Review the assignment to students on time and provide feedback.
  • Treat all students equally.
  • Clean the classroom including the blackboard after the end of class. Leave the classroom in a good order and turn off lights.
  • Notify the school principal and/or the committee as soon as possible for any emergency.
  • If for personal reasons cannot be in school for the class, inform the principal and/or school committee as soon as possible.
  • Have an open mind towards suggestions and comments.
  • Defer any conflicts to school officials.
  • Actively participate in school meetings and activities.
  • Follow school’s rules and regulations.


  • 允诺教完所指定课程一学年(两学期)。如因个人原因不能教完一学年,则必须在辞职两星期前通知校方。
  • 一般情况之下,教师固定在一个年级。三年之后,或有特殊原因,经由校长批准,可以更换。
  • 每学年开始,教师提交教学计划,由校方批准。
  • 上课前对所教之课有充分准备。
  • 应在上课前五分钟到达教室。
  • 授课应以中文讲解为主。英文只能用于必要的解释。三年级以上,力求不用英文。
  • 按时批改学生回家作业,给出评语。
  • 对学生一视同仁。
  • 下课后将写字板和教室整理干净,并关闭电灯。
  • 如有紧急情况,请通知校长或校方其他代表人员。
  • 如因故不能授课,应尽早通知学校。
  • 对有建设性的建议或评论,应宽容大度。
  • 如果遇到矛盾或冲突事件,应交给校方处理。
  • 积极参加校务会议和活动。
  • 遵守学校规则。

Parents' Responsibilities | 家长

All parents of our school students shall fulfill following responsibilities:

  • Take your student(s) to school so students can arrive classroom on time and pick up your student(s) on time.
  • Drive slowly and carefully in school area. Pay close attention to safety at all times.
  • Do not stay in classroom unless on duty or required or permitted by specific classes.
  • Do not leave any child of 5 years old or under in the classroom. If you have to, approval from the principal is needed.
  • Be on time if you are on school duty. Make sure everything is in order. Pay attention to students’ safety. After school (around 5 pm), inspect all classrooms, vacuum and maintain classroom cleanliness, and turn off all lights, and bring the trash to outside dumpster.
  • If you cannot be at school on your duty day, please arrange a substitute. If you find other parents agree to switch, please make such arrangement before Friday and inform the school.
  • Encourage your student(s) to complete homework on time.
  • Teach your students to follow school rules.


  • 按时接送学生:第一节课的学生必须一点三十分之前到教室,如有第二节和第三节课外活动,可以按上课时间准时到教室。
  • 在学校附近开车应十分小心,注意安全。
  • 除教室值日或者课程特殊要求之外,不要留在课堂。
  • 不要将五岁以下的小孩留在教室。如有必要,应由校长批准。
  • 在指定学校值班之日,应按时到校维持学校秩序。注意学生安全。放学后(约五点钟),检查教室,保证教室整洁,关闭所有电灯。
  • 如不能亲自到校值日,应安排他人代替。如果和其他家长兑换时间请在周五以前安排好并通知学校。
  • 督促学生按时完成作业。
  • 教育学生遵守学校的规章制度。

Students' Responsibilities | 学生

All students should follow the school rules and shall have the following responsibilities:

  • Respect teacher and classmates.
  • Complete home work on time.
  • Be on-time for the class.
  • Pay attention to teacher during the class, actively participate in classroom discussion, and raise hand before asking/answering questions.
  • Do not run around during the recess; fighting is not tolerated at school.
  • Keep class room neat and do not damage school’s property. Do not drawing or smearing on walls and desks. Do not littering anywhere in the school.
  • Do not take anything that does not belong to you.
  • Pay attention to safety at all times.


  • 尊敬老师和尊敬同学。
  • 按时完成课后作业。
  • 按时到校上课。
  • 上课注意听讲,积极参加课堂讨论。并且在问或回答问题之前举手。
  • 在学校不可以到处乱跑和打闹。 不乱涂乱画,不随地扔垃圾。
  • 保持教室整洁。不要损坏学校财物。 不要去拿不是自己的东西。
  • 注意安全。