Class Update and New Class Introduction


Computer Programming 计算机编程 - 从Scratch到JavaScript

Age Requirement: 8+. Welcome beginner and experienced !

年龄要求8岁以上. 初学者或有经验者都欢迎 !

Sunday 4pm - 5pm


Class Code 课程代码(C2) 计算机编程

Computer Programming: Scratch to JavaScript

We had kids last year learning Python programming, and seemed lot of kids were really interested in programming. If you like to come back and learning something new again, or you are completely a beginner, either way, here is the opportunity !

In this coming school year, we will provide a new curriculum of this class: to teach kids with a game-based programming tool, Scratch, for a fun learning experience to all students!

In first Semester (~14 lessons), we will introduce the basic programming concepts with Scratch ! we know many kids know Scratch games and love them, but now is the chance to learn how to make one your own! In the first part of the class, we will use simple examples/gams to teach the young brains with the programming skills with fun! By end of the semester, we wish all kids could complete a little project and show their parents how to play the games they created and the tricks!

From Scratch To HTML & JavaScript

In second Semester (~15 lessons), we will first continue with some more advanced skills on Scratch. Then based on the progress of each student and their skill level, we will introduce how to apply the knowledge learned from Scratch to a more formal programming with HTML & JavaScript ! Kids will learn the fundamentals on how website/webpage works with HTML, and the most often used web-based game programming language JavaScript !

If your kid love computer games, (well, is there any kid who does not?) and more importantly, he/she has enough curiosity on how computer works and like to make his/her own games, you can sign them up !

Here is the link to Online Registration – Class Code C2.

Parent-Child Mandarin Speaking Class


Class Code 课程代码: C3

Class Time: Sunday 4 pm - 5 pm


Class Code (C3) • Parent-Child Mandarin Speaking

As mom and dad, what would you do if your kids are learning to speak Chinese but you couldn’t understand what they say? Or simply your kids just refuse to speak Mandarin Chinese with you as they don't know how. Would you like to motivate your beloved little ones by learning with them together? This sounds like a great idea, isn’t it? But how? Well, here comes the opportunity ——

In 2019-2020 school year, GCCA Greenville Chinese School offers a new class to provide a Chinese language learning opportunity for the parents and kids who are willing to learn and improve Mandarin Chinese speaking, no mater you’re fresh to Chinese or have more or less experience with Chinese. In this class, the teacher will use fun activities, stories, children songs, etc. to create a relaxing and fun learning environment for both kids and parents so you learn together and help tighten the parent-child relation bond.

What a brilliant opportunity! Come on and join the fun!

The class will be provided every school day on Sunday from 4pm to 5pm. Early registration will save $30+ on registration fee, and the deadline is July 31, 2019. Please act quickly to take this advantage and it only needs 5 minutes to complete the online registration process. Class size is limited so please register early to reserve your spots!

课程代码 (C3) • 亲子普通话口语班


2019-2020学年, GCCA中文学校新开设一门亲子中文课,设计为有兴趣用中文国语与孩子交流的家长们提供一个和孩子一起学习中文的好机会。无论您是国语的新手,还是多少有些经验,都会得益其中。老师将在课堂上利用有趣的情景,活动,故事,儿童歌曲等,为孩子和家长创造一个轻松有趣的学习环境,使你们能够一起学习和提高。


课程时间周日下午 4 点至5 点。提前注册可节省30多美元注册费, 优惠截止日期为2019年7月31日。在线注册只需要约5分钟就可以完成。只开一个班,名额有限。欢迎尽早注册!

Free Class - Solve a Rubik's Cube for Fun


It's FREE to our registered school students!


Sunday 4pm - 5-pm in Fall semester (14 Lessons)


Cubing • Jacob Shum & His Stster Coco Shum

Class Description:

You will learn how to solve 3x3x3 and 2x2x2 Rubik’s Cube by understanding the concepts behind each step, including the notations, moves, algorithms, and finger tricks . This class is open for age 6- adult.



Students are optional to bring their own cubes. However, there are better “competition” cubes than those available from regular big-box stores. If purchase in bulk through cube stores online, the cost per cube will less expensive. Usually free shipping if $50. i. e. $4.99+tax YuXin Little Magic 2x2 & $4.99+tax YuXin Little Magic 3x3


Class Schedule:

  • Week 1 Notation & Moves
  • Week 2 Review + 1st layer
  • Week 3 Review of 1st; 2nd & Last Layers
  • Week 4 Goal : To solve a 3x3 with 2 sequences of 4 Moves
  • Week 5 Intro to 2x2 (Ortega)
  • Week 6 Algorithm Set (Algset ); Intro to 4LLL (Algset for Last Layer) + EPLL (Subset of 4LLL))
  • Week 7 Intro to Fingertricks(More efficient way to maneuver the cube)
  • Week 8 OCLL & CPLL (Subset of 4LLL)
  • Week 9 Combining 1st layer corners and 2nd layer: Intuitive F2L; Solving 1st layer edges efficiently: Cross
  • Week 10 Intuitive F2L + Practice Week
  • Week 11 Goal : 2x2: Sub-30 seconds; 3x3: Sub-3 minutes
  • Week 12 Goal : 2x2: Sub-30 seconds; 3x3: Sub-3 minutes
  • Week 13 Mini Competition
  • Week 14 Winter Party Showcase


  1. More Advanced Algsets may be continued in Winter 2020 (Week 15-30) up to demands. 如果有需要会在冬季学期开后续课程讲授高级解法.
  2. In the early 2020 new year, there are World Cube Association(Official) Competitions being held in North Carolina & Georgia. Students are possible to experience these competitions if his/her average is within the time requirement(5 minutes) 2020年初在北卡和乔治乔治亚州有官方主办的世界魔方比赛. 有兴趣的学生(及格线平均时间5分钟以内)可以尽可能参加以增长经验.