About Us


The Chinese School of Greenville (CSG) was established in 1973 in Greenville, South Carolina. The school’s mission is to teach the Chinese language and introduce Chinese culture. The school is a non-profit organization and a branch of the Greenville Chinese Culture Association (GCCA). It is also not affiliated with any political or religious organization.

Language classes include Pinyin, grades 1 to 7, and an adult Chinese class. All teachers speak Chinese as their native language. Classes are conducted in Chinese, with English as an aid for explanation as needed. To further improve teaching quality, the school encourages and supports its teachers to take training courses on Chinese teaching.

CSG also offers various extracurricular activity classes, such as dance, drawing, math, and martial arts. The dance group is the recipient of many top awards in 2015 and 2016 dance competitions, including 1st Overall, Best Costume and the Best Entertaining Performance. The math class has similarly had success with top prizes in math competitions and has earned the MATHCOUNTS Gold Level Status from the state. In addition, the school regularly provides its students opportunities in public speaking and performance, and encourages them to participate in the local Chinese Culture exchange activities to help them acquire leadership skills. These classes have been highly welcomed by the students.

The success of CSG heavily relies on many people from our community. Your participation and contribution to the school will be highly appreciated.


格林维尔中文学校创始于1973年,以教授中 文,宏扬中华文化为宗旨。学校是格林维 尔中华文化协会 (GCCA)的一个分支,为非盈利机构。学校不隶属于 任何政治及宗教组织。

学校现有课程包括拼 音班,一年级到七年级中文班,和成人班。 现任中文教师都具备相当的学历,汉语是他们 的母语。教师讲课以中文为主,兼用英文作必 要的解释,同时采用灵活生动的教学方法来调 动学生的学习热情。学校还鼓励和资助教师参 加各种汉语教学培训,提高教学质量。

中文学校不但为华人子女及中文爱好者提供了 一个学习汉语的语言环境,而且还开设各种课 外活动课以丰富学生的在校生活。学校现在开 有舞蹈,绘画,数学,和武 术班,很受学生们的欢迎。此外,学校还不断 地为学生创造演讲演出的机会,并积极地引导 他们参与中华文化传播活动以锻炼学生在社区 的领导能力。中文学校舞蹈班被选入参 加“南卡有天才”的表演;他们还多次在当地的舞蹈比赛上获奖。数学班荣获南卡 MATHCOUNTS Gold Level Status 并有学生在竞赛中取得个 人一等奖!

中文学校的发展,需要社会各界的大力支持。 愿大家踊跃参加学校的各种工作,为学校的建 设添砖加瓦。